Reclaimed Lanterns and Projects

Here we have a collection of street lights, which I have either purchased or saved from landfill.

Included with these are a few I have purchased from overseas. Until recently, most street lights used in Australia are the same make and model of those used throughout the UK. Certain models were re manufactured here in Australia to save import costs. Hard to imagine now!

SomeĀ  of the most widely used street lights still in produced in Australia are made by Sylvania. These include the Roadster, Urban, Suburban and Optispan.

Here are some examples of reclaimed street lights I’ve managed to save through the kindness of local linesmen, fellow collectors and online selling sites.

The lanterns above are single models of the Sylvania range. Each of these lanterns can be purchased configured with a wide combined gear and lamps to suit a multitude of applications. My local road authorities here in Brisbane Australia have been using less of these HID lanterns in favor of newer LED technology.

Here are some examples of currently available LED street lights:


Restoring reclaimed street lights is both challenging and rewarding. Here are some examples of street lights showing various stages of restoration.

Firstly, we have a British made GEC Z9454 remote geared Low Pressure Sodium Vapor lantern. These were once in wide use across the UK and Australia, but are disappearing quickly. There were several variants in this model. They were mostly configured for use with SOX 90 and 140W lamps. This lantern was also produced here in Australia under the AEI brand (AEI was a subsiduary of GEC PLC)


Next we have a British made Philips SRS201 series Low Pressure Sodium Vapor Lantern with integral control gear. This model variant is known as a MA90 and is for use with SOX 90W lamps. This lantern was popular in Australia from the early to mid 1980’s. There were a limited number of 135 W (MA50) and 180W (MA60) lanterns imported as well, however the MA90 was by far the most popular variant of the Philips SRS201 range imported to Australia.